Surfing – Exercises From the Board Up

If you wish to exercise to get fit for surfing begin with your ft. The ft help provide cushioning, balance, pressure, control, power, versatility, agility and strength for your ride.

How do we get began? Most surfers have previously done some help to your ft when walking barefoot on sand or smooth rocks… not too sure concerning the barrier.

The following exercises can be achieved in bare ft.


Begin by moving a tennis ball beneath your feet. This can help awaken the soft ligament (fascia). Don’t place your full weight around the feet being folded. Build up to using more pressure and taking advantage of a lacrosse ball or basketball. Roll the ball after some more pressure underneath the heels, balls and periphery of the ft and fewer pressure within the arches and toes. Spend a minimum of one minute on every feet.

Attempt to pickup sand/small rocks together with your toes. After you have accomplished this attempt to fling the objects together with your toes.

Raise your feet off the floor and write in mid-air your preferred surfing place. Pretend your toes really are a pen as well as your ankle is really a wrist.

Together with your ft apart keep the heels stationary and push/drag the balls from the ft and toes outwards from center. When they’re out so far as they are able to go (duck footed) lift the leading from the ft off the floor (heels stationary) and produce it well to neutral. 10-15 occasions.

Together with your ft apart keeping the heels stationary lift the balls of the ft and toes up and go outwards. When they’re out so far as they are able to go bring the leading from the ft lower and drag it well to neutral. 10-15 occasions.

Press your four small toes lower and then try to lift up your great toe. This can be a difficult exercise and when you initially attempt it you are able to gently hold lower your 4 toes together with your hands. Sometimes should you tap or gently push the arch of the feet it will help. 10-15 occasions.

Press your great toe lower and then try to raise you 4 little toes. Again, you can begin by distributing your toes as far apart as possible. Hold for several-5 seconds 5-10 occasions.

Rock ft both to and from heels to toes. fifteen to twenty occasions.


Walk in your heels after which walk around the balls of the ft.

Raise your great toe and feel your arch increase. Bring foot lower and then try to keep your arch elevated for any couple of seconds.

Get up on one step using the balls of the ft around the step as well as your heels hanging within the edge. Gradually make use of the whole front from the feet to increase up up to after that you can drop your heels lower as low as possible them. 10 -20 occasions.

Whether it hurts avoid them! Including if you think discomfort inside your knees while you work your ft. Visit a feet physician for discomfort, surfer’s foot and yeast issues.

Susan Glaser Tracey has developed in the fitness field for more than 4 decades and owns Fitness with Sue. Susan resides in two surfing towns: Cape May, NJ and Las Penitas, Nicaragua.

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